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Nanite ready no-UV sculpting workflow

In my spare time I like to tinker with all things Unreal Engine. For example, I’m currently prototyping a workflow where an artist is able to sculpt high detail Nanite meshes and texture them using a Material Layer system based on vertex colors.

No UV-ing is required, making this an extremely fast and efficient workflow. After the sculpting is done, it currently takes about 3 minutes to go from 3DCoat to a fully textured Nanite asset in UE5.

The material layers are kept performant because I only use 2 texture samplers with a custom channel packing setup.

Dynamic weather and mood system

Another thing I’m currently developing is a real-time dynamic weather system in Unreal Engine 5 that that allows developers to quickly build presets using Data Assets, and then allowing them to also place override volumes where specific options can be overruled.

Besides the general stuff, it also includes particle effects and global wind parameters, as well as detailed exposure controls.