Enceladus Recovery Project

Status: On hold
Goals: Learning illustration techniques, composition, storytelling, worldbuilding
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A long time ago, humanity experienced a prosperous golden age, increasing traffic in the solar system. Enceladus, the icy moon of Saturn, was being used to power a supercomputer (Cela) by means of hydroelectric energy. The ice cools the computer while all the melting water provides electricity.

Some 200 years ago, an unknown calamity happens, causing humanity to fall back to Earth. During the chaos of interplanetary retreat, the artifact containing the code to control Cela was lost. Cela's emergency protocols went into effect, weaponizing the moon against any intruders. Sometime during the 200 years she was alone, a glitch in the climate systems caused partial terraforming on the moon.

A little over 5 years ago, the enemies of humanity find out about Cela and land on Enceladus. The enemies battle Cela's defense systems while hunting for the Artifact.

Only recently humans have started to claim back the solar system. An elite group of Guardians is sent out to Enceladus to make sure the enemies don't capture the Artifact. Armed with an old and broken holographic map, the group lands on Enceladus. Fighting both Cela's defense systems and the enemies, the Guardians have to reach the Frigidarium, where, according to legend, the Artifact resides...

Scene 0: Outer space. Silent. Quiet. Ominous. Brooding. Deadly. It is not a hopeful place. Saturn looms threateningly above little Enceladus. Enceladus has a big red "scar" across its equator. These are the equatorial marshes, brought on by extreme climate change.

Scene 1: An empty, barren ice-waste stretches as far as the eye can see. We are on Enceladus. But what's that? We take a closer look, catching a glint of light reflecting on a metal object. A spaceship. As it flies overhead, we turn, seeing in the far distance, a large mountain of protruding from the surface. It's going there. South Point.

Scene 2: Hiding behind some props, we see an abandoned base around us. Unlike the equatorial red swamps, the poles are still capped in ice. This base is South Point. It is built at the base of Mount Herschel, the largest cryovolcano on the moon. Salt crystals litter the area, and it is snowing slightly.

Backstory: This base was abandoned a long time ago, during the Dark War. Almost all was lost during that time, not only System territory but also information. Humanity's silicon-based weaponry was no match for the Finstari's dark matter weapons, and after they breached Venus' data hub, Humanity entered its second Dark Age. Decades past with Humanity anxiously awaiting the final attack on Earth. It never came. When we finally saved up enough resources to probe outside again, it seemed the Finstari had all but vanished...

Scene 3: The spaceship lands in a central square, blowing snow and ice everywhere. From the back, people exit the spacecraft (they look human, yet their skin tone is much whiter, and their eyes seem to be bigger). They split up and start exploring the abandoned South Point base. Mount Herschel looms in the background...