art director, concept artist

Empire II

Exercise in compositional storytelling, lighting, and color palettes. Grab the PSD files for free here:

Empire II introduction shot. I wanted this to feel like the opening chapter of a game or movie, and I always liked having your titles interact with the image a little bit.

Introduction shot of the bad guys' ships. I initially planned for a much larger fleet but my 3D scene was getting slow so I lost that idea along the way.

Here is the commander of the fleet, brooding over the assault that is about to unfold. We can only guess at his motives.

The first strikes hit the strategic defense barrier. Will the denizens of this moon strike back? For how long will the barrier hold?


It started with a setup of a sun, moon, and Earth setup in Blender's Eevee renderer.

I initially wanted to make a lot more frames, but in the end I decided to focus on the 4 most interesting ones.